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Plan for a life of financial success!
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  • Creative financing sources to get you started with little to no out-of-pocket money
  • Strategies to create major cash flow outside your job
  • Where to find hidden investment opportunities
  • How to use real estate investment, in any economy, to build wealth
  • And much, much more

'Rich Dad's Plan For A Life Of Financial Success'

A unique download containing:

  • An exclusive excerpt from Robert Kiyosaki's block buster book Rich Dad's Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money
  • BONUS REPORT: How to Find Great Investments
  • Financial Self-Evaluation - So you know where you are today & where you need to be tomorrow
  • A Glossary designed to help you 'talk the talk' of investing pros
Rich Dad® Education Workshop

Rich Dad® Education has been a leading provider of educational training workshops, conferences, and services for over twenty years, based on Robert Kiyosaki's international bestseller, Rich Dad Poor Dad. The company provides students with comprehensive instruction and mentoring in real estate and financial instruments training in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and across the world.

We empower our students to take control of their financial future by providing reality-based training and time-tested resources designed to help them achieve the level of financial independence they desire. Most people say they want to be rich, but only a select few will ever take ACTION and invest in the financial education necessary to make their dreams a reality. It's your choice. You can be one of the select few who take action.

Real Success Stories from other Rich Dad Trainings

"I am now able to spend quality time with my wife and kids! Since completing the training I have applied several of the techniques... Keep doing what you are doing because you are changing lives. I know this because you have changed mine." *

- Shawn P, Washburn, IL, USA

"This real estate we're buying is £122k and is £1k per month positive cash flow. If we find another one of those, we're finished, out of the rat race."

- Leon & Erika Swierczewski, UK

"It has been an eye opener, not only addressing property but general financial education. Invaluable!!! Thank you."

- Faiza B, South Africa

"Excellent presentations and presenters with passion and knowledge. A brick has been laid. Thank you."

- Andreas M, South Africa

"I thought I was going to some property thing. I did not know what to expect and have been blown away. I feel like my life has turned a corner this weekend. I now have my eyes wide open to a huge number of possibilities."

- Mark W, Hong Kong

"Good organisation. Clear answers to questions and good timing. Excellent business model and investment concept. Well received and well appreciated."

- Bundhoo I, Switzerland

"I can't wait to be a part of this team and family."

- Sorin V, Denmark

"I've gone from having a dream to actually being able to visualize how it will unfold in front of me. I can see it happening already. I look forward to keeping in touch with you all. Sweden loves you."

- Anna J, Sweden

"This programme gave me a wealth of information, which we will now act on. Thanks to the team."

- Mark G, New Zealand

"Thanks - now I know the way to make my dreams come true."

- Patrice T, France
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: How long will the free training last?

    A: The Rich Dad® Education FREE workshop generally runs about two hours.

  • Q: What should I bring to the workshop?

    A: Please bring a notepad and pen to take notes, because we are going to give you an enormous amount of money-making information in that time.

  • Q: Can I bring a guest?

    A: Absolutely. In fact, we hope you bring a guest. Building a personal fortune is more fun when you have a friend or family member to share the experience.

  • Q: Will I have to buy anything?

    A: You are not required to purchase anything. As we stress, not only is the workshop free, but when you attend, you will also receive a FREE GIFT. We do offer additional educational products and services at our workshops, but you are never under any obligation to buy.

  • Q: Will there be food at the workshop?

    A: Food will not be provided at the free workshop. As we cover a lot of ground, we will need your undivided attention.